Locational Districts

• Cities and Counties
• Townships and Boroughs
• State Government and Special Districts


• K-12 Schools
• Colleges and Universities
• School Boards

Public Agencies

• Public Officials
• Law Enforcement
• Transit Authorities


• Other publicly funded agencies on a single-risk or group-risk basis


Examine Risk. Prepare for Success.

It’s your job to focus on your business goals, and it’s our job to find and stop the risks that could prevent you from achieving them. Receive long-term partnerships with our highly trained risk managers who provide expert insights and recommendations to help your business thrive. We formulate solutions that best utilize company resources to maximize positive results by working with you and understanding your business and regulatory environment.

As a Napa River Risk Management client, you’ll get:

  • On-site risk management assessments.
  • Loss experience and cost of risk analysis.
  • Staff training and risk management resource materials.
  • Access to webinars and newsletters focusing on various types of loss exposures facing public entities.
  • Customizable risk management platform that provides useful information on mitigating risk.


Move Past Risk.

You want to protect your business and bottom line from claims. Get back to focusing on your future success by navigating and moving past them quickly with Napa River. We work with you to meet your specific needs while providing experienced personal support and the most advanced claims management technology.

As a Napa River Claims Management client, you’ll get:

  • Managed claims within SIR from start to finish.
  • A dedicated claims contact who knows and understands your claims goals.
  • FileHandler Enterprise™, our state-of-the-art claims system with real-time access to all claims documents, financials and loss reports.
  • 24/7 engagement of our experienced claims personnel for any claim emergency needs.
  • State and federal claims reporting on Medicare, OFAC, SIU ISO-Index and child support liens.
  • Nationwide access to proven claims vendors at pre-negotiated, reduced rates.
  • Retention of defense counsel, litigation management and bill review.

FileHandler Enterprise is a trademark of JW Software, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri.


Innovative claims management software with real-time access to clients’ claims information.

FileHandler Enterprise facilitates the generation of customized loss run reports for our valued clients and claims staff. This software ensures the flexibility to chose how and when to view the most up-to-date information regarding transportation claims.

FileHandler Enterprise is a trademark of JW Software, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri.


For claims-related questions, please contact Lara Abrahao.

Lara Abrahao

Assistant Vice President & Claims Examiner

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