Delivering best-in-class claims expertise.

Napa River’s claim philosophy encompasses the following principles:

  • Every one of our clients is provided a personal and professional claims handler to meet their transportation claim needs.
  • Our claims team is comprised of experts in claim expense and litigation management. We provide legal monitoring, review and reporting using the most up-to-date services and technology, ensuring our clients the most comprehensive and successful claim management.
  • We believe that communication is of utmost importance through every step of the claim process. We provide full transparency of claim activity to help ensure our clients are prepared and are not surprised by unforeseen developments.
  • Our claims handlers work directly with clients to ensure their complete understanding of claims goals, and plan a detailed course of action to achieve them. With our sole focus on transportation claims, the Napa River team is experienced and proficient in the handling of all types of trucking losses.
  • We understand claims become more expensive the longer they remain open, and a reduction in the number of open claims directly affects the level of collateral required. To that end, we aim to close claims as efficiently as possible while securing the most favorable outcome for our clients.
  • Our nationwide network of trusted, proven vendors understands our mission and is always ready to aid us in achieving our goals.