Public Entities


A premier provider of claims services in the public entity market.

Because our team focuses on public entity risk, we are skilled at effectively handling all associated losses. We understand claims become more expensive the longer they remain open, and a reduction in the number of open claims directly affects the level of a municipality’s exposure. To that end, we aim to close claims as efficiently as possible while securing the most favorable outcome. Additionally, our nationwide network of trusted, proven vendors understands our mission and is ready to aid us in achieving this objective.

Napa River provides:

  • Managed claims within SIR from start to finish
  • A dedicated claims contact who knows and understands your claims goals
  • FileHandler™, our state-of-the-art claims system with real-time access to all claims documents, financials and loss reports
  • 24/7 engagement of our experienced claims personnel for any claim emergency needs
  • State and federal claims reporting on Medicare, OFAC, SIU, ISO-Index and child support liens
  • Nationwide access to proven claims vendors at pre-negotiated, reduced rates
  • Retention of defense counsel, litigation management and bill review

FileHandler is a registered trademark of JW Software, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri.