Risk Management

Effective risk management based on our principles of client-driven services and patient safety.

Our highly trained risk managers provide our clients with expert insights and recommendations intended to improve the safety and overall insurability of their practices and institutions. Our services include risk identification through self-assessment tools and client driven audits, on-site consultations, telephone and internet support, peer-to-peer education programs, regional seminars, staff training and risk management resource materials including ECRI.

Our services, tailored to professional and general liability risk management in the healthcare industry, include but are not limited to:

  • On-Site Risk Management Assessments: We provide assessments in high-risk, high-volume areas including obstetrics practices, emergency departments and physician group practices. Our review is department-specific and service-specific, meaning we will assess each department individually, and then review services and contracts to determine policy and practice “disconnects.”
  • Risk & Patient Safety Education Programs: Through the Hudson Risk Management Center, powered by Succeed®, we offer on-site educational programs and can customize training and educational activities to address specific topics identified by the client. Monthly webinar programs on topical issues and emerging healthcare trends are available via this platform, which serves as a resource and repository for supporting documents, webinar archives and other reference materials. Additionally, our insureds are provided access to a variety of online risk quality and patient safety courses that address and promote optimal patient engagement and sound clinical outcomes.
  • Risk & Patient Safety Consultations: We offer 24/7 telephone risk management support. Every account is assigned a dedicated Risk Manager who is familiar with their client and can assist in solving the day-to-day liability issues that might arise. We also distribute risk management advisories that are time-relevant and noteworthy.

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