Delivering best-in-class claims expertise.

Napa River’s claim philosophy encompasses the following principles:

  • Every one of our clients is provided a personal and experienced professional claims handler for their healthcare claim needs.
  • Our claims team is comprised of experts in claim litigation and expense management.
  • Our accomplished staff and state-of-the-art RiskSight® technology provide our clients with a single source for claim, expense and litigation management.
  • Our clients have access to all real-time claim and litigation information, including investigation reports, financials, and details relating to communications with counsel and claim/litigation strategy.
  • Utilizing RiskSight®, our claims team can assist with customization of reports to identify and mitigate and the factors that drive losses, including but not limited to loss location, practice group, or area of specialty.
  • We provide legal bill monitoring and review, as well as mandated reporting, to include CMS, ISO and child support lien reporting using the most up-to-date services and technology, ensuring our clients receive the most comprehensive and successful claims management.
  • Our clients have access to a risk consultant for an early evaluation of a claim.
  • Our claims team understands that while technology enhances our ability to provide efficient and meaningful claims and litigation management, it does not diminish the need for consistent personal contact and support.